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Updated January 16, 2015

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Barricade preventing access to Maligne Caribou range

On December 22, 2014 Jasper field staff put up a barricade across the Maligne Road – not at the beginning of the Maligne Road but at the end of it, 40 kms into caribou habitat. The road is ploughed and sanded for the convenience of visitors and wolves.

According to legal directions the barricade should have been in place by November 28th. Skiers took advantage of the delay by going up and making full use of the Bald Hills critical caribou habitat ensuring a virtual highway for predators.

The barricade will be removed on February 28th because, apparently, the snow will then be hard enough to support wolves. It is probably useless to suggest that the field staff should re-examine the snow depth and density on that date to see if it has hardened up and, if not, then delay the opening.

maligne valley caribou, jasper national park, closure notice, parks canada, jasper environmental association

Closure notice against access to the Maligne Caribou Range



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