Brewster to buy Maligne Tours

Updated December 14, 2015

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From The Jasper Local

Brewster Travel Canada will purchase Maligne Tours, the owner of Maligne Tours Ltd. has confirmed.

While the sale was not yet complete on December 12, Maligne Tours Ltd. owner Gerry Levasseur said that a deal is imminent.

“It’s in the works alright,” Levasseur said.

Maligne Tours Ltd. operates a day-use facility and runs boat tours of iconic Maligne Lake in Jasper National Park. In 2013, the company proposed constructing a 66-room “heritage” hotel to replace the current day lodge, along with 15 tent cabins. Former Jasper National Park superintendent Greg Fenton rejected the hotel element of the proposal but said administrators would consider the tent cabin component. That decision triggered EcoJustice to launch a lawsuit against Parks Canada, alleging the agency broke the law when they considered an amendment to the management plan. The suit is pending.

When asked why now is the right time to sell to Brewster, Levasseur pointed to the rejection of the hotel proposal.

“I wanted to do a development there and it didn’t work so I decided to move on,” he said.

In 1980, Levasseur bought Maligne Tours from the late Bill Ruddy. Maligne Tours was created by Ruddy in 1955. Its predecessors were Rainbow Tours and Rocky Mountain Camp, started by Fred Brewster. Fred was the fourth son of the well-known Brewster family of Banff.

Today, Brewster Travel Canada is owned by Viad, a U.S.-based stock market index company. Representatives from Brewster did not return requests for comment by deadline.

Bob Covey


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