Day of Protest in the Maligne Valley

Updated June 30, 2014

Under stormy clouds and a cool breeze some Maligne Valley anti-development protesters gathered to voice their opposition to any further tourism expansion at the iconic Maligne Lake.

We set up protest stations along the Maligne Road with posters, picket-signs and our ‘Save Our National Parks’ banner. Some of the posters became abstract art as the rain poured down but the thumbs-up signs, hooting horns and waving hands from the stream of passing cars certainly uplifted any soggy spirits.

After a lunch break at Medicine Lake some of us continued on to Maligne Lake to get the Canadian Parks and Wilderness petitions signed by visitors. One of the main questions ¬†from various nationalities was “Don’t you have laws here in Canada against building things like this proposed development in a national park”. ¬†Well, yes we do but …


Maligne Lake Jasper Environmental Association, Development protest

Unloading protest signs


Maligne Lake, Jasper Environmental Association. protest against development

Getting the message across


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