“Experiential Enhancement” at Maligne Lake

Updated November 19, 2013

“Spirit Island Adventure Lodge”

In Parks Canada’s analysis of the Maligne Valley it reported that 99% of visitors to the valley “agreed that the visit had met or exceeded their expectations” Perhaps Maligne Tours proposed hotel with the Disneyesque name is needed for the missing 1%. In future, visitors would be “left less to their own devices which in many cases could be described as ‘wandering about’.”

It is aimed unashamedly at “premium-paying customers” looking for “quiet. solitude and a sense of sanctity.”  But Maligne Tours assures us the monetarily-challenged customers will also benefit because “the more prestigious Maligne Lake becomes as a destination …the more other customers will consider exposure to any experience at Maligne to be special and closer to the premium plateau.”

Surely visitors come here to experience the sheer magnificence of this jewel of Canada’s wilderness and its wildlife – not rub shoulders with “high-yield” customers. If Maligne Tours wants to cater to this kind of snobbery then do it outside the national parks – not on Canada’s most beautiful lake that belongs to everyone.

The official proposal submitted to Jasper National Park by Maligne Tours Ltd. (Download pdf)

A Conceptual Proposal for Responsible Experiential Enhancement at Maligne Lake

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