How You Can Help :

Updated: January 15, 2016


Contact key government officials & Opposition critics

Tell them of your concerns for Canada’s national parks. Point out the urgent need for more funding if these magnificent areas are to be preserved for future generations. No stamp is necessary for letters to members of parliament.

Right Honourable Justin Trudeau
Prime Minister of CanadaTel: 613-995-0253
House of CommonsFax:613-947-0310
Ottawa, ON K1A
Honourable Catherine McKenna
Minister of EnvironmentTel: 613-996-5322
House of CommonsFax: 613-996-5323
Ottawa, ON K1A
Wayne Stetski M.P.
Environment Critic for the NDPTel: 613-995-7246
House of CommonsFax: 613-996-9923
Ottawa, ON K1A
Robert Sopuck
Environment Critic for Conservative Party Tel: 613-992-3176
House of CommonsFax: 613-992-0930
Ottawa, ON K1A
Elizabeth May, M.P.Tel: 613-996-1119
Green Party of CanadaFax: 613-996-0850
House of

Contact Parks Canada Officials

Tell them of your concern for Jasper National Park and the species at risk that must be protected here.

Mr. Daniel Watson
CEO, Parks Canada AgencyTel: 819-420-5146
30 Rue Victoria
Gatineau, Quebec J8X
Mr. Alan Fehr
Superintendent, Jasper National ParkTel: 780-852-6172
Box 10,Fax: 780-852-6229
Jasper, AB T0E