Photo Credits

October 7, 2013

There are few places that lend themselves to the photographer’s art better than Jasper National Park: its magnificent landscapes and wildlife are a magnet for professionals and amateurs alike.

Landscape images are there for the taking in all seasons, all times of the day and in all weather. But when wildlife appears unexpectedly, too often the observer forgets the camera and stands there open-mouthed and the image is imprinted on the brain instead – often leaving a more indelible memory than one stuck in a photo album or stored on a computer.

When putting together the images for a website of this wonderfully photogenic place the landscapes come relatively easily but wildlife ones are scarce. This is when one must rely on those who had the presence of mind to actually click the camera instead of just standing there transfixed by the fleeting sight of a wolverine, lynx or a running wolf.

The Jasper Environmental Association is indebted to those friends of this park and admirers of its wildlife who have freely donated their images to these pages without even being asked:

and some whose images we will be using in the future:

Images of the wolverine posed the biggest problem but Daniel J. Cox at had excellent images of captive ones and allowed us a very generous discount. These we will use until someone in the park has the presence of mind to actually snap shots of a wild wolverine instead of just standing there like this writer did – twice.